If your organisation has purchased a Corporate CPD Pack, this is how you request access to course(s) using your credits

How to request access if you are the person taking the course(s)

  1. Email prioritysupport@lawcpd.com.au and cc an approved account representative (typically your HR or Office Manager) with the name of the LawCPD course you would like to take
  2. We will allocate the course and notify you both when this is ready to access

How to request access to course(s) on behalf of a lawyer at your organisation

  1. Email prioritysupport@lawcpd.com.auwith the following information for each lawyer requesting courses:
    1. Full name
    2. Email address
    3. State/Territory
    4. Discipline (Solicitor/Barrister)
    5. Full names of Courses desired
  2. If your lawyer does not already have an account, we will create one for them and they will receive an email requesting they set their password
  3. Both the Account Contact and the lawyer receiving the courses will be notified by email when the course(s) have been allocated

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