Lawyers practicing in certain jurisdictions are now required to complete 1 CPD point each year in the new core competency ‘Bullying, Discrimination and Harassment’.

Legal CPD which satisfies this core competency includes online CPD courses which cover skills relating to identifying, addressing and preventing bullying, discrimination and harassment in the workplace.  Specific topics include:

  • How to respond to and deal with bullying, discrimination and harassment
  • Setting up systems to combat bullying, discrimination and harassment
  • Reporting requirements, including creating safe environments to report misconduct 
  • Understanding appropriate (and inappropriate) workplace conduct

LawCPD currently offers courses which satisfy the new legal CPD competency on bullying, discrimination and harassment:

  1. Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination 
  2. Eliminating Sex-Based Workplace Misconduct: The New Positive Duty 
  3. Psychosocial Hazards: Managing Workplace Risks


Lawyers practicing in South Australia have been required to complete 1 CPD point in the bullying, discrimination and harassment competency since April 2021, and Northern Territory lawyers have been required to do this since April 2023. More states and territories may soon follow suit.