One of the question pages that you will encounter while completing your course with LawCPD will be a Sorting Activity Question.

The Sorting Activity page contains one box and 2-3 category boxes underneath it.

To complete the Sorting Activity, you must click and hold the white top box and drag it to one of the grey category boxes on the bottom that it corresponds to and then release your finger to drop it into the box.

When you have dragged your answer to the corresponding item, it will display an orange tick if you were correct. If you were incorrect the white box will return back to the top and prompt you to try again.

Please continue to drag and match until all the items from the top box have been dragged to the corresponding boxes on the bottom. 

When this is complete, please click the orange Submit button at the bottom of the page.

Once you have completed the sorting activity click on the orange Continue button at the bottom of the page.