One of the question pages that you will encounter while completing your courses with LawCPD will be Single Answer questions.

The Single Answer questions contain text pertaining to the question being asked as well as options containing the correct answer for the question.

To complete the Single Answer Question Activity, you will be required to select ONE of the options available as the correct answer to the question. Do this by clicking on the dot to the left of the answer you believe to be correct.

After selecting the correct answer, please click on the orange Submit button located below the answer options.

After clicking Submit, you will be provided with a prompt informing you of whether you were correct or incorrect with the answer you submitted.

If you are correct, you will be able to click on the orange Continue button at the bottom of the page to proceed with your LawCPD course. If you are incorrect, you will be prompted to re-try the question to select the correct answer.