The learner dashboard is your central location to complete your CPD courses, find new CPD courses, and track your CPD compliance over the year.

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Where can I go?

What can I do?

1. Starting a Course

MyCPD Dashboard shows recently purchased courses and courses in progress

  • Start a course recently purchased
  • Resume a course recently progressed
  • View All My Courses in Progress to see a full list of courses

2. Understanding my compliance

Keep track of your CPD compliance throughout the year, including:

  • A running total of how many of your 10 CPD points you have completed in the current CPD year
  • Which core competency areas you have attained compliance in (and which ones you still need points in)

Like Our New Learner Dashboard?

We would love to hear what you think of our new learner dashboard!  To give us feedback, simply click on the faces in the 'Do you like the new dashboard?' box in the bottom right of the dashboard, then fill in the short survey.

Help, it's just a grey screen!

If you can only see a grey screen, you need to update your Apple iPad iOS version to iOS version 9.3.6 or newer.