Your courses are available immediately after purchase, but read on if you can't see them

If you cannot see your course in MyCPD when you log in, it may be for one of the following reasons:

Course was purchased using another email address or social login

  1. You may unintentionally have created another LawCPD account linked to any of the following:
    • A different email address

      • Your current workplace email

      • Your previous workplace email

      • Your current personal email

      • Your previous personal email

    • A social media login

      • Your LinkedIn account

      • Your Facebook account

      • Your Google account

  2. If this might be the case
    1. Log out of your current account
    2. Log in again using the email address or social media service you may have made the purchase under
    3. Check MyCPD using this new account for your missing course(s)

  3. If you have forgotten your password, please see this LawCPD Password Reset solution
    Note: Didn't get the email? See this I haven't received my password reset email solution

  4. If you are able to login with this existing account, you should be able to see, and start your courses on your MyCPD page

Filter settings on MyCPD are hiding recent purchases

  1. Open MyCPD

  2. At the top of the page, find the filter labelled Show courses for this period

  3. Check this is set to All