1. Add Assessment

NOTE: If this is a load to update an existing course, you need to add the current year and the word OLD to the end of the assessment name, e.g. 'Commercial Precedents and Contract Drafting 2016' - however it is no longer necessary to separately amend the assessment name, as it is automatically given the same name as the course.

  1. Click Show More
  2. Select Add course features
  3. Click Add Assessment

If New, apply these values, if an update, confirm these Assessment Settings are correct:

  1. Once you click Add Assessmentthe "Pass/fail options" will appear. Check the following settings are set:
    • Pass/fail options:
      • Pass mark: 70%
      • Display solution: Yes
  2. Click Advanced Settings, and the "Taking options" tab on the LHS. Check the following settings are set:
    • "Taking options"
      • Allow resume: Yes
      • Allow skipping questions: No
      • Backwards navigation: Yes
      • Leave the rest as is and Save
    • You may be directed back to the main Courses page. You may need to click Assessment to continue this process. 

2. Add Assessment Pages

  1. Title: Insert relevant title as per the PowerPoint (i.e. Assessment Question 1).

  2. Question: Insert relevant question from the PowerPoint slide (you will need to re-implement any formatting that is contained on the PP slide).

  3. Settings
    1. Multiple answers: Select/Deselect depending on whether the relevant question has only one, or multiple, correct answers (leave blank for single answers, select for multiple answers)
    2. Simple scoring: must ALWAYS be selected

  4. Answer Alternatives
    1. Copy/paste answer options into the Alternative textboxes
    2. Ensure you copy over any answer option lettering as well (e.g. "A: Option 1")
      NOTE: This does NOT need to be done for true/false questions, then only copy over the 'True' and 'False'
    3. Click ‘Add more alternatives’ if required.
    4. Select the checkbox next to the correct answer option (select multiple checkboxes if more than one answer is correct and ensure the Multiple Answers checkbox is selected).

  5. Note: If there are any references to a course page/s (e.g. Course Page 3.7) under the Feedback in the powerpoint - these are just Sarah's notes, do not include them in the Question Feedback.

  6. Select Save or Save and Add Another if adding more questions

  7. Repeat these steps until all questions have been added

3. Make questions up to date and make max score '1'

  1. Click Manage Questions
  2. Under the Update column, if any question rows do not say Up to date, click every checkbox next to the label "Latest of revisions"
  3. Make sure the number in the Max Score Box for each row is '1' and change this to '1' if need be 
  4. click Submit  at the bottom of the page

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