Not sure what Reward Points are? Check our guide What are Reward Points?

Before you start

Reward Points must be redeemed in a separate transaction to any additional courses you wish to purchase.

Ensure that the value of the course/s you select are equal to or less than your total Reward Points balance.

To use Reward Points, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the LawCPD website and login

  2. From the Online Courses page, select your course and click Purchase.

  3. On the next page (Shopping Cart), click Proceed to Checkout.

  4. On the Checkout page, complete your order details (Name, Address, etc).

  5. When you reach the Payment Method section, ensure Reward Points is selected (this should be selected automatically).
    Can't see the Reward Points option? Check that you have sufficient points to purchase your selected course.

  6. When you are happy with your order, click Review Order at the bottom of the Checkout page.

  7. Review the details on the Review Order page, and if you want to make any changes, click the Back button. When you are satisfied with your order, click Purchase.

  8. Congratulations! The course is ready to go. When you are ready to begin, go to the MyCPD page and select your new course from the list.

Note: Reward Points will be removed from your account once they have been redeemed.

Note: Part payment with Reward Points is not possible.