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Every course you complete shows in MyCPD forever more, with along with the date, competency and cpd points earned. This provides you with a printable summary of all courses you have completed, and you can even filter to show only specific years.

Certificate of Completion

Upon completion of both the Course and Assessment, a certificate of completion becomes available for each course. You can download the PDF to print or save by clicking on the "Certificate" icon underneath the 'Certificate' heading, next to the completed course at MyCPD.

Can't see the Certificate icon?

  1. If you can see "Pending" or "Not Attained" under Certificate, then you may not have completed the requirements to get the certificate - ensure that you have completed the course and scored at least 70% in the assessment.
  2. Certificates are not currently available when using a tablet or mobile device, please swap to a Desktop or Laptop, or contact support and we'll gladly email them to you.