This solution provides a step by step guide to downloading your Certificates of Completion.

Certificates for courses completed can be accessed from your account on

  1. Login to the LawCPD website and go to your MyCPD page
  2. Click on the image of the certificate next to the assessment result for the course you have completed

  3. Choose to open and print the certificate, or save it to your computer for future reference.

Difficulties downloading the certificate

  1. Be aware of the certificate load time

    • Certificates generally take 15-20 seconds to generate once clicked, so please ensure you are clicking the certificate icon just once, then waiting for up to 20 seconds for the "Save File" prompt to appear after the new window opens.
  2. Relax your Web Browser pop-up blocker settings
    • Sometimes (often in workplaces and public locations) your computer will have restrictive popup-blocker settings to prevent viruses and malware. 

    • These settings may prevent LawCPD's online course features from working as designed, and the easiest way to resolve this is to speak with your technical representative about relaxing the "Pop-up Blocker settings". 

    • If this is not an option, you may wish to try using another computer when downloading certificates.