MyRewards is LawCPD's loyalty program, which gives you Reward Points every time you purchase a course. Once you have accumulated enough Reward Points, you can use these points to obtain a course at no cost.

Reward Points are automatically allocated to your MyRewards account after each purchase.  For every four dollars you spend with LawCPD, you receive one Reward Point.

Getting a free course

Once earned, one Reward Point is worth one dollar on The following list indicates the number of Reward Points you will need to receive a free course of the stated value.

Reward Points CPD value of course
65 0.5 points
109 1 point
165 1.5 points
219 2 points

How many Reward Points do I have?

You can find out how many reward points you have simply by looking in the box on the left hand side of your screen titled, "MyRewards", when you are logged into the LawCPD website.

Remember that Reward Points will expire one year after the date they were allocated to your account; don't forget to use them!

Using Reward Points

See our guide How do I pay using Reward Points?